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Fill Out The 'Your Journeys' Survey!

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Your Journeys - Car Travel and Carbon Emissions

Our latest Commonplace survey is out, with a focus on car use, how we get around Chorlton and how that relates to reducing our carbon emissions.

We would like to understand more from people who use cars to get about Chorlton. We are interested in the reasons for personal car use locally and finding out the appetite for using public transport and active travel alternatives.

Have Your Say

We would also like to find out about people’s perception of driving less as an individual way of tackling climate change and discover how people feel about the current levels of carbon emissions in Manchester.

Share The Survey Far And Wide!

Your neighbour, your colleague or a local family member - we want as many people who live either in, near or around Chorlton to fill this survey out. Share it far and wide!


Our Streets Chorlton is a community-led project which aims to understand how to help decrease carbon emissions by enabling Chorlton people to reduce local and short car journeys.


Posted on 31st January 2022

by George Coombs