About Our Streets Chorlton


About Our Streets Chorlton

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What is Our Streets Chorlton?

We are a community engagement project that aims to support the development of a safer, greener and healthier Chorlton.

With an overall aim to reduce the number of car journeys in our neighbourhood, we will facilitate accessible and inclusive spaces for ongoing discussion towards sustainable solutions and creation of a collective vision, as well as helping support wider climate action.

What work will you be doing here?

We are here to facilitate a conversation with local people.We will work together on climate action and active travel ideas and try some things out with small groups. We would like to help support wider climate action in the community.

We want to find out as much as we can about pollution, traffic and other related data to create a picture of the impact on our community. We want to find out what it would take for it to be easier to drive less here, for it to be easier to walk or cycle more.

We will work with established and emerging community groups and stakeholders in Chorlton & Chorlton Park wards, to find out about the challenges and opportunities of reducing carbon emissions, and help grow community ideas for climate action.

3 Pilot Mini-Projects

We will be running three pilot mini-projects to work with people at a primary school (Barlow Hall), a residential street or streets (tbc) and a group of businesses (tbc). 

We will use these projects to work together with the Chorlton community and test ideas that may help inform future change.

Our Call To Action

So that we can get a better picture of your Chorlton, we will also be asking a series of questions over the next few months.

We hope that with your help, we will be able to reach as many local people as possible. 

By supporting this project with your input we will be able to reflect the varied views in our community. This will provide Chorlton with a valuable snapshot of the current challenges to tackling reducing our carbon emissions and our car journeys locally and support community-led solutions.

The results from the data collected  will be open and available for wider community use

For more information about the project, please go to the Our Streets Chorlton website for the latest news and our FAQs.

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